Using Audacity with GuitarPort

I have recently bought Line 6 GuitarPort and would like to begin recording. How do I record from GuitarPort in Audacity? I know it’s possible because while trawling the internet for answers I have come across numerous references to doing this. The closest I’ve ever found to an answer to how appeared to hint at simply selecting GuitarPort in Preferences, but it is not one of the options there. I’ve been Googling this and searching and asking on forums for more than a week now, but still haven’t found an answer. I invested in GuitarPort knowing that I could record from it using Audacity, but have still not been able to record a single note.

Please help me, as I’m really desperate to record and am getting very frustrated at not being able overcome this seemingly simple hurdle after more than a week of searching and inquiring.

Edit: Ah, I’ve just found the same question just a few threads from the top. I remember that specific thread coming up when I was searching Google a few days ago. It very clearly says to select GuitarPort in Preferences. But for me it’ doesn’t appear as an option.

What options do you have in Preferences for the recording device?

You probably need to have Guitar Port connected BEFORE you open Audacity.