Using Audacity with Bluetoooth headphones

When I try to record from, say, Amazon or Spotify using a Sony blurtooyh head setI hearr everything but nothing records. I am using the latest Audacity 3.0.2 and Windows 10

Why would you want to do that? :confused:

If your headphones show-up as a [u]WASAPI (loopback) device[/u] you should be able to record what you’re hearing.

If it’s not a valid loopback device you can try some of the 3rd-party software solutions listed at the bottom of that link.

FYI - It’s a copyright violation to record from these streaming services. The artist gets paid a fraction of a cent every time you stream a song but of course they are getting nothing if you steal it.

For private use in A/V productions such as quizzes and owne travelogues &c.

As an (ex) working photographer I am well aware of the lawwof copyright. I still get an annual license to cover my work, even though it is now non-profit and personal use only.

There’s no guarantee that WASAPI loopback will be available for buetooth devices, and even if it is there is no guarantee that it will workreliably for recording. WASAPI loopback recording attempts to achieve sample accuracy, which may not be possible via the bluetooth interface. I’d recommend taking bluetooth out of the equation and use normal wired headphones.

I’ve seen some bluetooth headsets with microphones, and was afraid you might be wanting to record from that - people with bluetooth speakers and headphones have enough audio fidelity problems, just listening to pre-recorded audio.

I haven’t heard of anyone else trying to record from the blue-tooth WASAPI loopback. I think if you can’t get it to work as DVDdoug and Steve suggested, you could explore Virtual Audio Cable.

Here is a potential solution:

I’m with the wired headphones people. Wired headphones are safe, stable, and you can use them for troubleshooting and quality control. Throwing bluetooth into the mix scrambles the sound pathways (as you’re finding) and introduces instabilities, poor reliability, and time constraints.

Post back if you get something to work.