Using Audacity to timer-record a podcast from the internet

I’ve removed the old version of Audacity I had which would not record anything. I’d like to reinstall it from a .deb on my laptop running Ubuntu 18.04

I’d like to follow this advice from the Audacity front page “Due to reported problems with SnapCraft / Flatpak / PPA versions, our current recommendation for Ubuntu / Mint users is to install the “deb” version from the main repository.” but I don’t know how to do it. What commands do I need to type in the terminal in order to download a .deb from the main repository? Thanks for any help.

the old version of Audacity … which would not record anything.

When people say that, they usually mean they can’t get Audacity to record internet content. Did I hit it?

Unless someone corrects me, even if you do get it all to work, I don’t think that’s what you actually want. I believe Timer Record is one pass. Record a timed event and Full Stop. To get a second show, you have to set it all up again. It’s not like that VCR thing where it would record “My Little Margie” every week forever.


I’ve made several successful timer recordings in the past using the installation of Audacity on my Win10 desktop. Audacity displays an input option called “What U Hear”. If I select this I can record podcast programs using the timer settings. The installation of Audacity on my laptop running Ubuntu 18.04 would never record anything. It only displayed 2 inputs “pulse” and “default”. Neither of these would allow me to record anything. I read that it was necessary to install PulseAudio Volume Control on Ubuntu in order to make recordings. I have done this. I uninstalled the old Audacity and reinstalled a new version from the terminal using “sudo apt install audacity”. I assume this downloaded and installed the appropriate .deb file from the Main repository. The new installation of Audacity (Version 2.2.1) will still not record anything. When I click the record button it records complete silence. PulseAudio Volume Control has complicated settings which I don’t understand. Can someone explain how to get pavucontrol and Audacity to work together so that I can record sound from a podcast I’m watching. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hi. The command Erik posted should do the recommended install

sudo apt install audacity

To get the timer record to work, you need first try to record something that is being played. If this work then yo should be Ok.
If you can’t do that then you need to use something to connect your audio signals (QJack, Carla, or any other signal routing soft) and connect the default output to the default input. In my case is Pulse out and Pulse in:
Jack routing.png
I also disconnected the System capture 1 & 2 to avoid noises

Run Audacity and do not use Jack! Use this config:
Settings audacity.png
On the microphone icon just choose something that reads: Default. Doesn’t need to be the front mic

Then play something and hit record on Audacity. If this works then you are Ok to use timer record.

Thanks for the suggestions. Strangely the board has changed my user name. In the first post I am “halfhearted” and in my reply I am “erik_von_de”. I had joined the forum before and forgotten about it, then rejoined with a different username. No deception intended. The board could obviously tell and reverted me back to my original personal details. Presumably using my IP number which would be the same. Anyway, I will try what has been suggested. Using Jack sounds too complicated for me.

Is it possible to record one podcast from the internet while listening to another? This would mean preventing the sound from the 1st podcast reaching the speakers I guess.