using audacity to improve sound on a facebook video file

A friend of mine posted a video on facebook and I would like to try to improve the sound quality. Can I use audacity to accomplish this? Should I ask her to send me the video file first, download it and then work on it with audacity? Any tips on how to do this would be much appreciated!

Can you point to the file on line? Rather than trying to describe the problem, just listening to it does world of good.

We don’t have a good track record for “cleaning up” a sound track. By the time most people post, it’s pretty much too late.


Basically what I’d like to do is boost the 3k area of the sound on the video, so that the singing sounds more life-like. The microphone was away from the stage and picked up alot of lower frequencies, but not much of the higher ones…

If you install FFMpeg from here…

Audacity will open up the sound tracks of many different videos directly.

Then Effect > Equalization and either draw the curve with your mouse, or use the preset sliders by selecting “Graphic Equalizer.”

You can also use a voice trick and dump everything under 100Hz. That will slightly tighten up a voice and eliminate the room rumble.

If they were inside, you’re stuck with the echo. That’s what normally kills lectures and large hall musical captures. Since an echo is the actor’s own voice reflecting from a wall, the software needs to split the actor from themselves.