using audacity through Zoom for a talk

hi all, I am giving a Zoom lecture and would like to use Audacity to teach people how sine waves add. I can’t figure out how to run the sound from Audacity into Zoom, right now it goes through my speakers through a microphone, and then Zoom filters it out. Has anyone figured out how to do this?
best, Dave Soldier

Zoom filters it out.

How Zoom filters it out may help. Systems with automatic feedback and noise suppression work on the idea that any single tone or sound that hangs around for longer than a set time is obviously noise and get rid of it. These systems are heavily biased toward voices and just hate music.

a Zoom lecture

Maybe this one is going to be a video you post on YouTube.

You and the Royal Institution.

It might help a teensy bit if you’re on headphones instead of working hands-free. If you’re already on headphones, you’re stuck.