Using Audacity into surround sound, not conventional way


Normally, we can place our final mixdown into any surround output speaker we want (FrontLeft, Center, FrontRight, SideLeft, SideRight, etc)

But… I wonder if we can use Audacity in a not conventional way.

I mean… Imagine this environment: We have an standard PC, with just one audio card, with 5.1 or 7.1 surround capabilities, and we use Ubuntu and Audacity.

We are using the main front stereo output to feed an Internet audio stream from some audio player (Qmmp, for example), and we need to hear another audio, through another audio output bus, to another device (not the Internet audio stream, of course).

Remember we are just using the standard front output channels (FrontLeft and FrontRight) to feed the Internet audio stream. We are not using any of the “extra” surround audio output channels (Center, SideLeft, SideRight, RearLeft, RearRight and LowFrecuencyEffects).

So… I wonder if… Is it possible, and How to configure the Ubuntu audio system to get the Audacity audio output be placed into, for example, the RearLeft and RearRight output channels only (and, of course, this audio shouldn’t be listened into the front stereo output)? ???

Does somebody know how to get this???