Using audacity as a simple cutting tool for big projects - Am i using the wrong tool?

Ref: Audacity 2.1.2 (Win7 x86) [Question, Not Version-Platform specific]

BTW i searched for a similar scenario on the forum & internet, - and could not find an appropriate result.

I have many larger audio files [interviews, lectures, etc] which need archiving and Transcription.
Before archiving & transcribing, the files need multiple cuts to remove - - inappropriate comments, questions, interruptions etc

Using a simple example, - Lets say i have
A 6 hour lecture, with 40 interruptions which i need to remove before archiving

Conceptually -With my ideal tool, - I would find a 6 hour time window to sit and listen to the entire lecture, and mark the interruptions
as i go.
As i listen, I mark in “[” at the start of Interruption-1, and mark out “]” at the end of the interruption-1.
A region labeled would be applied and titled #1
I continue listening and Repeat for interuption-2 etc.

At the end of my 6 hour listening period.
I would have all 40 interruptions labeled and “ROUGHLY” indicating where interruptions are in the timeline.
All 40 regions will need fine tuning as the Mark_In \ Mark_Out points are slightly off position
Using Tab & shift tab, I moved through the labeled regions and fine tune the cuts before deleting them

I managed to <> duplicate my ideal tool scenario in Audacity.
It involved multiple keystrokes - definitely in need of automation (macro or code)

As it is, - I find this process to be Laborious in Audacity and prone to simple errors.
EXAMPLE; Forgetting to “Arrow Key-Up” from the label track (to give focus to the Audio Track), before using “[” for the next
upcoming interruption.
Also if the interruptions are close on the timeline, you are in trouble to complete the keystrokes required in the allotted time.

Ideally someone else out there has a similar audio scenario, and is using Audacity to accomplish results
Perhaps using a simpler tool for cutting - BEFORE - Bringing the audio into Audacity for more processing.

Perhaps my whole approach is in need of review.

Thank you in advance