Using audacity and a Citronic CM6

Hi there

Newbie here, I’ve recently started recorded podcasts and the sound quality is just ok. It could be better so I need some advice please.
I use Shure SM58 Mics via a Citronic CM6 Mixer into Audacity on a Windows laptop.
Firstly I’d like to know how to record two mics rather than one and how do I polish the sound to get rid of that metallic sound that is so frustrating.

If you need further info please let me know.

Thanks Alex

Citronic CM6 Mixer into Audacity on a laptop.

How do you connect to the laptop? That can be a very serious source of odd sound. It’s not clear what the USB connector on the mixer does. It’s the “wrong one” for connecting to a computer.


Yeah I use the Main L/R output jacks which feed into a small jack which then goes into the laptops via the mic socket. The power indicators on the mixer are ALWAYS red lining though and no alterations on the mixer will change that.

Any thoughts?

Any thoughts?

Yes. Stop doing that.

It’s possible your laptop can switch between microphone and stereo line, but many can’t. Dig in your instructions or the laptop setups.

I shot a sound test using just about what you have. I have a Mac with a stereo line-input, but you can use that Behringer UCA202 to get the same thing with any laptop. ES58 (fake SM58) small Peavey sound mixer and Audacity.

If I reduce the volume slightly, that sound clip will pass ACX AudioBook Professional sound standards. A quiet room, good connections and an SM58 work a lot better than everybody thinks.


power indicators on the mixer

That could be an additional problem.

Do you have any effects generators or other USB devices connected?

On a quick read:

— Turn All the blue effects knobs All the way down.
— Green PAN knobs and white equalizer knobs in the middle.
— Red GAIN knobs at 3:00 only on the channels you’re using.
— Channel Sliders (on the left-bottom) up about 3/4 only on the channels you’re using.
— Main Slider at 3/4.

Talk. Still smashing the red lights?


That’s two of the three problems.

Windows likes to help you out with voice processing, sometimes when you don’t want it. That’s good for honky, wine-glass sound distortion.


Are you ready to run screaming into the night?


Really appreciate the help Koz, thanks.

Regarding the output from the Citronic Mixer, there is only the 6mm Jacks to 3mm Jack reducer option. Any USB port is for input into the mixer.

The red lining problem only occurs upon connection to the laptop. All dials and faders are set appropriately. I will check out the two links - thanks.

What are my options on the 2 mic recordings? I.e. Presenter and guest set up?

Thanks… AC

The red lining problem only occurs upon connection to the laptop.

If you really offended the sound gods, your laptop is trying to send headset sound back up the cable. The sound meters are a combination of the two shows—grossly overloaded.

Reeeeealy. Not kidding. Stop doing that.

Use the green PAN controls to push your voice to the left and the guest to the right. Put the knobs all the way. You should see the sound meters (after you get them working) respond first one and then the other as you two talk.

Once in Audacity, you split the two apart into individual voices (drop-down menu on the left > Split Stereo To Mono) and do whatever production you wish.

Doesn’t work for three or more.

We haven’t talked about the “studio” yet. If you have a modern bare room (no rugs, no wall hangings, bare ceiling) the show is going to sound like you shot it in the kitchen or bath almost no matter what you do.

There’s no filter for that. Once you have echoes, they’re forever.

Even worse, your voice and its echo is going to leak into the guest microphone and theirs into yours.

One of the reasons my sound clip work as well as it does is my carpeted and quiet third bedroom.

Each of these people is wearing a close-up tie-tack microphone and it’s no accident they’re as far apart as they are. That’s to keep the voice channels separate.

And they’re in a quiet studio in New York City.


Yeah the room could do with some dampening but I can live with the echo as long as I can get rid of that annoying metallic noise. It acts like an audible trail… Sounds horrendous.

As for the sound card, I’ve ordered a Behring as you point out in previous post. I shall also play about with the settings as you kindly offer above. I will attempt another podcast on Tuesday/Wednesday and feedback.

I’m waiting for Libsyn to get back to me regarding my RSS feeds and the compatibility with iTunes as I’ve followed all they have instructed yet iTunes still does not recognise my feed.

I will keep you posted.

Thanks for your help


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that annoying metallic noise.

Listen to the mixer without the computer connected. Does it still sound like that?

Cut and File > Export: WAV (Microsoft) 10 to 15 seconds of mono distortion. “Test one, two, three, etc.” Tracks > Stereo Track to Mono if you need to. Scroll down from a forum text window to where it says Upload Attachment.