Using Audacity 2.0.6-cursor sticks at beginning of record

after one successful recording, I tried to re-record but the cursor just sticks at that point, blinking. What to do?

Click the Stop button, then check in the Transport menu that you have not inadvertently enabled “Sound Activated Recording” (it should normally be off - not selected).

Thanks Steve, Having been prompted to do so, I already checked that, and it was off. Would there be another reason for the “stuck” cursor?

If you are trying to record an audio stream from your computer (perhaps from another application) and that audio stream is not playing anything, then Audacity could be waiting for data. If that’s the case, stop Audacity, then start the application playing, then start the recording.

You’ve not given us much to go on, so if that is not it then you will need to give a detailed account of your setup and what you are trying to do.

Sometimes simply rebooting the computer can help.