Using ASIO with Audacity

Hey everyone,

I’m having trouble getting ASIO to work with Audacity. It’s using the standard audio drivers from my computer and there’s no way to change them to ASIO anywhere in the program. I’ve tried everything, even putting the ASIO .dll files in the Audacity directories and still can’t get ASIO to show up in the list of audio devices. I want to use ASIO instead because it helps a ton with latency from external instruments.

Is Audacity incompatible with ASIO or something? I swear I’ve gotten it to work before, but now it just isn’t an option.

Thanks in advance.

Audacity cannot be shipped with ASIO support due to licensing restrictions.
ASIO support can only be enabled by building Audacity from the source code and linking to Steinberg’s ASIO SDK. There is more information about this here: