Using airpods pro 2 and Yeti blue without listening to my own voice when recording

I use Audacity 3.4.2. on Macbook pro m2 2020 with airpods pro 2 headphones to hear the music base and Yeti blue as microphone to record.
I am singer, so I use Audacity for singing: the purpose is to listen to the backing track with airpods pro, and sing into Yeti Blue microphone.
I have succeeded, however, I have a problem: when I sing, I hear the basic music in the airpods (and that is what I want), but I also hear my own voice.
I would like to make it so that I do not hear my own voice in the airpods pro, while I only hear the background music.
I have tried different settings, but I always hear my own voice. Can I avoid this? If yes, how? Thank you very much.

Does this help?

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