Using a USB turntable with Audacity 2.05 under Ubuntu

Who can tell me how I can use Audacity under Ubuntu for recording LP’s ? I use a turntable of Akai (ATTO5U ; Professional Belt Drive USB turntable). Under Windows 7 all was simple. I could chose for a input-apparatus. This option I could not find in Audacity for Linux. Is it maybe impossible to import LP’s in Audacity under Ubuntu ? But if it is possible, can anyone tell me how?

Please help me. I wil be thankfull.

Antony van der Heijden

Look at Help > About Audacity… . It should say 2.0.5. If it says 2.05 you have a spoof version and you should uninstall it. Install the official version using Synaptic or “Ubuntu Software Centre”.

Have a read of The process is the same as Windows, except the turntable device may not be named the same. It will probably look like “USB (hw 1,0)”.

If you don’t see the turntable in Audacity’s Device Toolbar, use Transport > Rescan Audio Devices.