Using a Mic in Audacity

I usually use audacity for recording vocals, but is there a way to make the mic live in this program…the same idea of karaoke.

I’m not using a computer with a line-in

I would know how to do this if i was…

and I am using the computers mic input

I am not using a USB microphone, but I don’t think that should matter.

Hopefully I’ll have this figured out by the time this is responded too.

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Probably not for a really odd reason. Even if you did set up Playthrough and the other settings for live performance, the Computer (not Recording) latency would kill you. Computer latency is the time it takes the computer to think about your live voice and then feed it back out to you. That delay can’t be easily changed – it’s burned into the computer. It would give you constant echoes in the show.


Thanks for the response koz…

You understood that I was talking about a show, even though i didn’t write it.

I’d rather not run the mic through some random PA…so I will be in control of the levels.

This is only really a problem when using the computer’s mic input–I know there are various ways around this problem unrelated to Audacity-but it’s a great program.