using 4 track cassette recorders

i’m trying to transfer music made on a four track cassette recorder onto my computer using audacity.
it is fairly easy to transfer if you pre-mix the tracks on the cassette recorder,but i would like to transfer each track to audacity and mix it on there ,using the effects to get a cleaner sound,etc… anybody else doing this?


The way you would do this is through a USB Sound Device that directly supports multiple tracks. Audacity just sitting there supports 16 from any one sound device. That’s the key. Many sound equipment makers found they could stay out of jail by appearing to the computer to be two or more stereo devices. NOW SUPPORTS 10 TRACKS! (in groups of two). Audacity will only recognize one of those at a time.

This is where we wait for one of the other helpers to arrive with part numbers. I’ve never gone over two channel.


Ive got a 4 track mini disc recorder which ive put into audacity but all as one track.

If i was going to try and import each track seperately though i would try muting all track except one and importing that to audacity, then repeating the process untill all the tracks were in audacity then i would just line the tracks up with the time shift tool. This would take a little bit of time but it should work so long as you dont have massive latency problems. An easier option would be to have a sound card that can seperate all 4 tracks but if you dont want to spend any money then you might have to try it this way.
good luck.