Using 2 XLR Mics with Scarlett 2I2 and Audacity

Using the Scarlett 2i2 - I have 2 Rode, XLR Mics plugged in and the 1 USB cable going from the Scarlett to the PC. I have tried several configurations of setup in Audacity (mono and stereo) but it is not working. One of the 2 Mics is not being picked up by Audacity during recording - and the other person’s voice is only bleeding through my mic - though the Scarlett seems to recognize each mic. Any suggestions? Seems like it should work no problem - but it’s not.

I don’t expect it to be a problem, either. I need to look at the 2i2 documents. Is the 2i2 one of the USB adapters that needs special software to do its tricks? Audacity will not easily work with ASIO software…


Is the same channel active when you swap microphones? Does the problem follow the microphone or the 2i2?

Is Audacity set for Stereo in the Device Toolbar? Are you in 44100, 16-bit, Stereo? Start there before you go nuts with 24-bit and 96000 sample rates.


It’s been, what, nine hours. Can I assume you figured it out?


Also make sure WIndows is set to record the Scarlett in stereo:


I’m brand new to the Audacity forums, but I noticed this post about setup selections. I have a seldom-used older version of Audacity on another computer and I had trouble locating the “Preferences” section that would let me select the lower and upper frequencies to be included when recording, “stereo” vs “mono”, etc. I finally found preferences under the “Edit” tab, which I had not considered the likely place to find basic setup preferences.
That said, I just today downloaded the latest version (2.1.0) and I look forward to using it. Even the older version I have had seems amazing to me–especially considering that it’s free.
Folks at church frequently ask me to change pitch on their soundtrack CDs, and the pitch change feature in Audacity is just great! For years, I have used my Fleco pitch changer unit to do this favor for friends, and it never gave me totally satisfying results. Now, with Audacity, I get great results and get them with much less labor involved.