Used Jensen Retro Cassette Has Buzzing Sound

Hi everyone, I need help with my Used Jensen Personal Cassette With AM/FM Radio Model CR-100SB. Whenever I play a cassette in the cassette player, it makes a strange buzzing noise. I tried switching batteries from Ikea rechargable to alkaline, but it still made the same buzzing noise as before. I’ve been watching YouTube videos and was maybe thinking about cleaning the cassette player, but I’m too hesitant to do it as I don’t really know how to, and I’m not sure if it’ll work.

As this is the forum for Audacity software, your question is not really “on topic” for this forum. Nevertheless, a common cause of buzzing is when an electrical connection comes lose. It is unlikely something that can be fixed by cleaning - it probably needs the attention of a qualified repair person.

If the device is one of the common portable Jensen branded players (about $30 new), it is probably not worth the cost of repair.

Oh, sorry. I didn’t know that I couldn’t post anything else. I won’t post anything else about this topic.