used History Window to retrieve an accidental deletion and lost all progress

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Audacity and probably did something stupid. I accidentally deleted an important 15-sec section from a track and after fiddling around realised I could retrieve it through the History window. I managed to retrieve the section, but the whole track reverted to its previous configuration and I lost all of the edits I’ve made since. Now I can’t even open the history window- there are no edits to appear in the window. Can I get back the edited version of the track that I lost?

I think you should probably have used Edit > UNDO rather than the History system. UNDO works from the current edit backward. The deleted audio would have reappeared.

History works from the beginning of the edit session. If you discarded the History steps, then all the edits from the beginning of the session to the accidental deletion will vanish. Discard is permanent.

You should go back to the safety backups you made of the original sound files and start the edit session over.


Oh well :frowning: I’ve learned! thank you.