use vlc to slow down voice over phone call

Hi Folks

Im planning to link my phone to my PC/Audacity , in order to slow down the voice im listening, to relive some accent issues and better understand what is being talked about. I do need also a way to quickly discard ‘blank’ audio and also get realtime in case i need to…
i could not find yet such a convenient way to do this, but i could verify that vlc and can slow down realtime audio streams without changing the pitch…
The way ive did it was not convenient, and im willing to put some money in order to have an smoother way to handle this

Anyone have suggestions?

Ive found a DSP which does what im looking for… the issue is that i cant find yet a standalone module or an already compiled software bundling such solution…

Really thanks folks!


Audacity does not do real-time processing.
You can slow down the speech with Audacity (NOT real time) using the Change Tempo effect. Try a setting of around -17 to -18%.

Even if you can organize a real-time solution, the person you are speaking to will have to endure long delays before hearing you reply: if you halve the tempo, after they say a sentence lasting X seconds, they will have to wait an additional X seconds before you hear it all, i.e. they will experience an X second silence at the very least before you can respond.

Not so much an international delay , more like an interplanetary one.

Better to have the person wait 2-3 secs than to continuously ask to slow down :slight_smile:
thats the maximum delay i hope to have. The idea is to have this for a short period of time.