Use RAM when available

Okey people, this is how the story goes. I recently got myself a new i7. I started Audacity (the app) and opened a video file of ~2 GB. I can immediately see that the app created some 800 MB worth of temporary files in the temp directory. I now do some splitting, copying, pasting, cropping, generating tones and all these funny things, without saving. I can see that there is now 5.7 gigs worth of temporary files and the app consumes 152 megs of RAM. All operations are starting to feel sluggish and slow, but I’m also running video editor/encoding so my 20-core CPU is doing work, but my total RAM consumption is about 16 %. If the app had 5x more data and all of it on RAM, it would consume half of the installed 64 GB.

I searched and I saw this same story written many times over and the response is always the same and it’s, I hate to say it, stuck in the 90’s.

Use RAM when it’s available. Just use it.
If you keep this up, in a few years running the app will fit in L3 cache.