use metadata

I use metadata to comment my self recording songs.
My goal is to burn CD which contains and shows these metada.

  1. I enter metadata exporting WAV file
  2. I insert the WAV file in Windows Media Player in Burn list
  3. I look at WMP metadata : a) metadata Year disappears b) metadata “Compositeur” appears (not in Audacity). Others metadata are present. But
    I think metadata structure Audacity doesn’t match WMP’s one.

More :

  • if I read the CD on common CD reader, metadata doesn’t appears
  • if I insert CD in CD computer reader, metada are not visible

Do i understand well how work metadata ?

Tnanks for help

I use Audacity 3.2.0

I don’t usually use WMP…

With a WAV file I can open the WMP library and then right-click on the columns to select what information is shown, and I can enable “Release Year” and it shows-up.

If you’ve burned an audio CD (instead of burning the WAV files onto the disc) you’ll have to use burning software and player software that supports [u]CD Text[/u]. (A quick search tells me you need an add-on to enable CD Text on WMP.)

Normally that information doesn’t exist on an audio CD. When you play a commercial audio CD on your computer it gets a “fingerprint” and it gets the data and artwork from an online database. But of course, your homemade CD isn’t in the database.

If you are going to play a disc with WAV or other “computer files” on your computer, metadata isn’t well-standardized or widely supported for WAV files. It’s usually better with almost any compressed format so if you want lossless audio FLAC is a better option, plus your files will about half the size.