Use envelope tool but keep reverb

Hi everyone,

I am new to the audacity software. I read the audacity manual but am afraid I missed something.

Imagine that I have two notes on a track that are very close together, but the second one is wrong. Since I have other tracks of people singing that note, I use the envelope tool to “ommit” that note from the track in question. However, this seems to compromise the reverb as well. I would like to keep listening to the reverb of the previous note, even though I used the envelope tool to silence the following. I have found a way to bypass this, but I am not sure it compromises the quality of the file (answers to this would also be helpful). I can export the track with no reverb but with the envelope tool in place in order to ommit the notes I don’t want. After that,I open another project and use that rendered track and apply the reverb. Does someone know if this “edit - render - open again - edit - rerender” compromises the quality of the file by compressing it multiple times? And, if so, is there any more direct solution to the “use envelope but keep the reverb” problem?

Thank you all!