Use Audacity Zahara documentary

I am new to Audacity and this forum, nice to meet you all.

I have a debug setup in windows 7 I try to put a strong voice for a documentary about tunas in zahara de los atunes, and I am trying to figure out how Audacity works with regards to importing audio and how can use the different models of voice.
I am interested in understanding where it takes over and where the handle to Audio actually is.
I am enjoying stepping through the code though

Many people find Auto Duck handy for narration.

It can be set to automatically suppress background music in favor of your voice and then restore the music when you stop talking.


different models of voice.

Many people want us to make them sound like an announcer. There is no filter or effect for that. Most of that is acting and acting is up to the performer. That and most home recordings are too noisy for serious tonal management.

I am enjoying stepping through the code

Did you compile your own Audacity?