use Audacity to generate vibratory simulation sounds


Je voudrais utiliser Audacity pour générer des sons de simulation vibratoire

Comment utiliser cette application pour cela, merci.


I would like to use Audacity to generate vibratory simulation sounds

How to use this app for this, thanks.


Could you explain what you mean by “vibratory simulation sounds”

These are audio phosphenes; ie the goal is to create a sound on specific frequencies that will act on the left and right parts of the brain alternately.

For a better explanation check out the following site:

The second link that you gave says:

The alternative hearing is to hear in turn through the right ear and then the left ear, on a regular adjustable rhythm

As an audio engineer, I would describe that as cyclically panning between “hard left” and “hard right”.

If you have a stereo track (sound in both left and right channels), you can pan rapidly between left and right by applying this code with the Nyquist Prompt effect:

;version 4
;control speed "Pan speed" float "Hz" 10 0.1 100

(setf fade-param (/ 200 speed)) ;produces crossfade around 1 ms

(if (arrayp *track*)
    (let* ((modulator (clip (mult fade-param (hzosc speed)) 0.5)))
      (vector (mult (sum 0.5 (s-max -0.5 modulator)) (aref *track* 0))
              (mult (sum -0.5 (s-min 0.5 modulator)) (aref *track* 1) -1)))
    "Error.\nStereo track required")