Use Audacity 3.1.0 as a decibel alarm?

Is it possible to use Audacity to play an alarm if the mic picks up any loud sound (say >80db) during continuous monitoring (not necessarily recording)?
In case you’re curious why… I snore badly (I can at times almost make the house shake LOL) and heavy snoring is a trigger for my Afib.
So I want an alarm to wake me up if I snore loudly (I’m guessing > 80 dB). I don’'t have sleep apnea just massive snoring.

If this isn’t possible does anyone know of any software to do what I want?


P.S. Choosing the freq range to monitor would be icing on the cake

No, Audacity can’t do that.
Try searching the internet for a “Sound Activated Switch” that you could wire up to a suitable sounder / alarm.

Are you keen to try a D.I.Y. hardware solution?
That would then easily be able to drive a buzzer or klaxon!!

P.S. Choosing the freq range to monitor would be icing on the cake

What’s the frequency range of your snoring?
Come to think of it, must be the first time I’ve ever asked anyone that question…
…but since you mentioned it.

Audacity could help to answer that question - just record some snoring and analyze it with “Plot Spectrum” (See:

After posting my reply above, I was rather intrigued by the frequency range of the average snore.
Found this:

So most of the “energy” seems to be below 100 Hz or so, extending up to about 1.5 KHz.


Whether a software or hardware solution is used, there will still be false “alarms” due to
triggering by barking dogs and perhaps even traffic (especially hooting).

Thanks for the input…