USB turntable recording too loud [SOLVED]

Hello there,

User ‘Bill’ very kindly helped me to get up and running with USB turntable recording / Audacity software.

Having now done that and saving as an MP3 etc, the playback sounds awful - as though something is turned up too high.

How do I adjust settings?


Does the playback sound bad in Audacity, or only when you play back the MP3?
– Bill


Choose View > Fit in Window then View > Show Clipping. If the track now shows a mass of red vertical lines, you recorded too loud.


Yes - lots of red!

How do I adjust settings so I’m not recording too loud?



See this FAQ in the Audacity Manual:


Thanks Wax - I think I have it all sussed-out now.

Good forum this - prompt responses are much appreciated.

Happy New Year.