USB turntable not recognized by PC or Audacity

I have Anders Nicholson Model F63 USB turntable. I’ve not used it for several years. I downloaded Audacity 2.2.1 onto Windows 7 laptop, plugged in t/t but it is not recognized as an audio input.

You can leave Audacity closed. Audacity gets sound from Windows. Windows has to know it’s there and get it to work before anything else.

Right-click the speaker icon > Recording devices. Can you tell if the turntable is in there? Select it and play something. The panel bouncing sound meter should bounce.

If you get it that far, then open Audacity.

If you disconnect the turntable at any time, Audacity will lose it and it will not come back automatically. Either restart Audacity or Transport > Recscan.


The turntable is NOT present as a recognized input/recording device. I’ve tried this both on the laptop and on an older desktop PC running Windows XP. Is there a way to find the turntable for Windows to load?

This isn’t going well. Windows is usually pretty good at automatically mounting new USB sound devices. Some Widows have settings for active and inactive devices or hidden devices.

It’s a particularly bad time when Google can’t turn up any turntable information.

This is where we usually suggest collecting the paperwork for getting your money back, but if you’ve had it for a long time…


Thanks for trying. I’ll look into Windows solutions to get the input recognized. You’re right - I’ve owned it too long to return it.