USB Turntable - No Bass

Hi Guys, just got a “sound lab” Iphono usb turntable to start copying across my dance vinyl to mp3 as I now use ableton and cdj’s

Im using fairly new vinyl but am loosing alot of bass and getting alot of treble when i record any ideas how to sort this ?


Do you have the turntable connected to the computer with the USB cable, or with an analogue cable (phono to mini-jack) into your sound card? It should be one or the other, not both.

thanks for the reply - USB only


There may a setting to switch between phono level and line level output - if so, read the manual that came with your TT to see how it should be set (from your description it sounds like the RIAA equalization is not being applied)


hi guys i think ive sussed it. they isnt a swich in this one, but after recording i run it through the eq using the riaa present as surgested then normalizing but I am also recording with the turntable on a hard solid surface (instead of carpet) which has made a difference.


You should not need to do that when using the USB connector. The turntable should have a phono pre-amp with RIAA equalization built in and applied automatically before converting to digital USB.

It sounds to me like your turntable is faulty (no RIAA equalization).

Yes, the turntable should be on a flat, hard, solid surface.

All that.

Bass notes do not fit in a phonograph record, so they are reduced in volume before the record is pressed. One of the original jobs of the RIAA was to publish the best standard way to do this. This became the “RIAA Curve.”

So if you play a record “flat” with no correction, you get what you got. Thin, wispy music with no bass notes. The RIAA correction is built in to phonograph preamplifiers and there is one behind every amplifier that has a “Phono Input.” All USB turntables we’ve ever met have the RIAA Curve built-in and you can’t stop it.

Good money is on your turntable being broken.

There is one really far out there possibility. Are you listening on headphones? It’s possible to get this same effect by mis-wiring your speakers. Headphones don’t have this effect.


Thanks guy im actually a uk dealer this has come direct from sound lab, i like to try the gear and get used to it before i sell the stuff on, I will get another one sent out and compare it thanks for the advice.

James Caine

Do let us know how you get on.