usb turntable input to audacity 2.1.1

My Audacity 2.1.1 works well with my playlist music file. My system is Windows 7 pro version. My computer is an HP 8200 Elite. My problem is the input of my USB Crosley turntable to Audacity. What I get is a high noise level buzz with a thin, weak source signel. I have tried a number of combinations of Audacity inputs to no avail. Windows 7 sound file only offers me one input choice (usb microphone). Is my problem with Windows 7, Audacity, or my computer ? Please advise.

I presume that you posted in the Mac OS X forum by accident so I’ll move this topic to the Windows forum.

If the turntable is the only USB audio device connected to your computer, then “usb microphone” will be the correct input device.
Look in the recording tab of the Windows Sound Control Panel and ensure that the recording level it turned up, and that “stereo” recording is enabled (Windows will often set USB audio devices to mono).