Usb turntable gives me in W10 only mono [SOLVED]

Before in W7 I had stereo with the usb turntable. I have now Audacity 2.1.3. an a laptop Latitude D830 (W10) .
The turntable his driver is showing ,AK5371. I’m lost( 5 months).

Audacity 2.1.3 has not been released yet. Do you mean 2.1.3-alpha from ?

Regarding your problem, try (look in the green box on that page). It applies to Windows 10 too.


Speaker icon > Recording Devices then right-click over USB Audio Codec > "Properties" ;the usb audio codec is not there . And not on the laptop(devices). Maybe causing the problem.
Sorry for my writing,I’m flemmish.

In order to adjust the USB turntable’s properties in Windows, you have to first connect the turntable to your computer using the USB cable. Do not connect the turntable’s speaker cables to the microphone port of your computer.

When connected, the turntable should have “USB” somewhere in its name. It may not be called exactly “USB Audio CODEC”.

Gale this driver gives me the solution. I have more options in the speaker icon below now. Also restart your laptop a few times.
The green box in Audicity giving me also support, I changed mine to that 44000 2 channels for recording with the usb.
And a miracle happend,I’ve now stereo input from the usb turntable Wattsound. Stereo sound is much better than that mono sound.

Good. I will mark this [SOLVED] then. That NVIDIA Controller driver should I think not affect standalone USB audio devices.