USB Turntable doesn`t record

Hi, I bought a USB turntable, and tried to record with Audacity 2.0.5 on Windows 7. I selected mute recording mode, as I dont have an amplifier. Audacity recording runs, but theres no sound in playback mode. Im useless with computers, do I need to have an amplifier? It doesnt state this in the turntable manual. Cheers

If the recording is successful you should see a blue wiggly waveform in the new recorded track.

Windows will often switch off normal headphone/speaker playback when a USB audio device is plugged in. See here for how to re-enable playback: Audacity Manual

do I need to have an amplifier?

No. The digital signal comes over the USB bus to the computer. You don’t need anything else.


If you have a regular analog turntable, these need a special phono preamp to boost the signal to line level and to perform the RIAA equalization before the analog signal goes into the line-input on a desktop computer’s soundcard or for direct connection to a newer hi-fi system that does not have the special phono input.

Most USB turntables have line-outputs, so they can be optionally connected to line-in on a soundcard or directly to a modern stereo system.

Thanks Steve, no blue wave line, the “cursor” starts and stops when I press “record”, pause and stop, but nothing else happens.

Thanks DVDdoug, that`s what I thought, so it must be a different problem…

There is an extensive set of tutorials about recording tapes and vinyl here:
Start with the first one and check that your equipment is set up correctly. For the turntable to work in Audacity it must be recognised and enabled by Windows. It should appear and be enabled in the Windows Sound Control Panel, then you will be able to select it in the device toolbar.