USB turntable " Built-In input" issues


I am using a MAC OS X Yosemite , version 10.10.5
Today I bought a Music Hall USB-1 record player.
I have installed audacity and have been viewing numerous
tutorials. One issue that has stopped me from moving forward is
that when I click “device”, under the recording section it says “built-in microphone”
where I believe it should read built-on input or USB audio codec. All other device preferences
seem to be correct.
What should I do to resolve this issue ? Any advice would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Did you connect and turn on the USB turntable before starting Audacity?

If not you can deal with that by using the Transport > Rescan Audio Devices command.

I note from the Manual for your TT that the manufacturer appears to shop a very old version of our software (you can tell by the meters) - the latest version is 2.2.2 and you really should install that - you can get it from here:

This set of Tutorials in the Audacity Manual should help you:

particularly this one:

and this suggested workflow:


Thank you so much! Your advice was very helpful…issue resolved! Thank you again.