usb stereo

I have a new acer sw5-12-17xe, win 8.1 running audacity 2.1.2 with a behringer UCA222 usb interface. When I select USB interface and stereo in Audacity I am only recording mono. Am I missing something or is this a driver issue maybe?

Is it Mono or Left only?

Dig in the Windows control panels and make sure Windows is passing Stereo to Audacity. It should only be a driver issue in Win10.


New with Windows 8?? How did you get someone to sell you a new machine without Win10?


:smiley: :smiley: Great, found 2 possible solutions in windows microphone set up 1. under listen selected usb audio, 2 under advanced settings found that you can set ch and bit resolution. It was in mono.

Changing Default Format on the “Advanced” tab was what you needed to change, as it says in the FAQ.

You should uncheck “Listen to this device” or you will receive feedback echoes in the UCA 222 when recording. “Listen” is the same as software playthrough in Audacity.