im a total beginner to Audacity and have recently purchased a USB Soundcard
when i select the soundcard as my input device, it only lets you select 1 channel (mono)

my question is … is this completely normal or are there any more settings iv overlooked??

iv found that i can still record with it using ‘microsoft sound mapper’ as the input but this allows 2 channels in stereo.
is there any difference in the sound quality if i record this way

probably a simple enough answer out there somewhere im sure

hope you can help

If you are on Vista or later, you may need to enable “2 channel Stereo” in the Windows Sound Control Panel.
Ensure that Audacity is set to record 2 channels stereo in the Device Toolbar.

If you still have problems, please tell us what the make and model number of the USB device is, and what you are trying to record with it.