USB Record Turntable #351485

I have a USB Record Turntable #351485, purchased from Improvements catalog a few years ago. I am now using it to copy my records. I have successfully recorded a number of tracks. Sometimes the tone arm rejects by itself before the last song on one side of the 12 inch LP record is done. This has happened with several different records. I try over and over to record the song, but the arm will not stay down long enough to record the whole song. What can I do? The instruction book said to call the Improvements people, but they were no help. The instruction book also had a troubleshooting section, but it did not include this problem. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Laurie Zaepfel

If it’s still under guarantee, send it back for replacement or a refund.

This “tevion” brand turntable instruction document may be of help …

… the arm can lift off before the song is finished, and this can be very frustrating!
Here’s how to fix it …[b]EarlyEjectCorrection[/b].pdf

You should try to locate the similar instructions for your brand turntable.