USB problems...please help

I am using a just-purchased cassette player with USB output to convert my cassettes to digital audio files. The PNP USB device appeared and was selected with the initial installation of the Audacity program. It disappeared after I changed the default playback device so I could listen to the first two tracks of recorded music. Now I cannot get the “Microphone USB Audio Codec” or “PNP USB Audio Device/Controller” from the device list, despite several uninstall/reinstall and reboot attempts. Please help

Right-click the Windows speaker/volume icon and select Recording Devices. Hopefully, it shows-up and you can enable it. (You should be able to enable it and select it from within Audacity without selecting it as the default device.) You can also click on any devices that do show up and select “Show Disabled Devices” and “Show Disconnected Devices.”

After it’s enabled in Windows, restart Audacity and it should show up as an option.