USB phono plus

Running win7 and I am trying to get audacity to work with my usb phono plus. Help

regards Paul

Make sure you have Audacity 2.0.6 from

Then describe the exact problem you are facing with the UFO.


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What have you tried so far?
What’s not working?

Have you read these tutorials in the manual:

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Paul here. I have the latest version of audacity 2.0.6. I can hear the output from the usb phono plus headset, but no sound or indication of sound being recorded.

regards Paul

Plug the usb phono plus into the computer first and wait a few moments for Windows to recognise it.
Then open Audacity (if it’s already open, shut it down and open it again).
Then select the USB device in the device toolbar as the recording device.
If you also want to use the usb phono plus for playback, set the playback option in the device toolbar to the USB option as well.

Eureka, finally figured out how to get audacity to work. Sounds great “Too”". The support from the authors was less than useless. They never replied to my three requests. Ready to explore this program on my own or with help from you people.

regards Paul