usb mixers

Im using Windows 10..CPU-3.7 GHz..32GB Ram Ive been having tons of issues here mixing…Im pretty sure at this point my Zedi 8 is the is USB compatible and seems to work fine as an audio controller but Ive never been able to get it to work right with Audacity.

Somewhere I saw either here or in the manual a list of compatible mixers but i cant find it now…can i get the link to this list…I know that I may be spit balling at this point I would like to see that list…can I get that link ?


I don’t know of any list like that, but you might tell us what the goal is and what doesn’t work.

It seems to be a pretty nice compact mixer, but I did notice one missing piece. I didn’t see where it lets you listen to the computer audio . You would need that for overdubbing or sound on sound. It’s obvious where it lets you select what audio or mix goes to the computer, but not how to listen to what comes back.

It may just do that and not tell you. Some kit does that. Also, I didn’t read through the whole instruction book.


Thanks for responding…Im trying to make very simple recordings with guitar..occasionally two guitars and vocal..mostly now one classical guitar and nothing problem listening to music from my computer..overdub seems to work ok..honestly Ive been around and around with this but what happens is a lot of my recordings come out with a lot of echo…changed all settings over and over sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt and seems to have a mind of its own..Ive posted a good bit about this…what happens now is if I set everything to stereo I get one channel to work and get a blank track for the other channel…I then split the track and delete the blank track…what I end up with is a usable mono track…this is the best I can do with it. There are multiple USB settings on the unit which don`t seem to make sense to me but when I try different combinations sometimes the echo disappears…the track deletion above is the only consistent process that works.

What I really want to do is go back to a 4 channel Alesis which I used for years no issues whatsoever except one…as I used it over time I began to hear an almost imperseptible buzz that either got worse or my ear got better…I replaced it with a new one and heard the same buzz…I read online that others had the same problem with it but apparently there is a fix of some kind.

a lot of my recordings come out with a lot of echo.

Post some of the bad echo and then a clean recording such as the one where you split the stereo track to mono.

Native Stereo mixers, adapters and systems don’t always do well with being recorded in mono. They can deliver very nasty surprises if you try.

Ignore the time restriction. You can go out to 20 seconds if you have a mono track.

As I read this again, you’re supposed to get two identical tracks if you record a stereo mixer in stereo even if you have a mono source. I delivered many single person voice tracks like that. Where are the mixer pan controls set?


It’s in the Audacity Wiki: Missing features - Audacity Support