USB Mixer Question

Hey all,

I’ve recently put together a new studio setup with a Peavey P8 USB mixer, two audio technica AT2020 XLR mics, a headphone amp and a mac G5. Anytime I put on my headphones with the mics potted up, I hear what sounds like an electronic humming noise. I’ve attached a file to give you all an accurate sample of the issue.

I’ve tried different USB ports, different XLR and USB cables and still cannot find a solution. I’ve called Peavey and they mentioned that this is the first time thathey’ve heard of this issue. Does anyone have an solutions/suggestions or links to other threads?

Any help would be EXTREMELY appreciated.

Kyle Luetters

Frying Mosquitos. Yes, that’s getting to be a common problem, but usually not with wall-powered mixers. We know what it is; it’s the noise from the electronics inside the computer getting into the show. We always thought it was coming in through the convenient USB Power for equipment that doesn’t have wall power, but that’s not your problem, is it?

I bet if you change computers, it either changes or vanishes.

That’s such not good news.

Make sure the USB cable is connected firmly on both ends. Reseat both connections several times and you may need to restart Audacity. Try changing the USB cable if you can.

Is everything plugged into one wall outlet or series of outlets? Like if you use a power strip or power distributer. That’s usually a good idea, as opposed to plugging half of your equipment on this side of the room and the other half on the other.

Which OS are you using?


If you have a G5, then you must have a Stereo Line-In?

Try connecting the Tape-Out of the Peavey into that.

Switch the Audacity Recording setting to Line-In or whatever your machine calls it.

No noise, right?


It’s really important that you don’t vanish on us. We would kill to find out what’s causing this noise problem for quite a few others. If you do get the noise with the analog pathway in service, try with the USB cable both connected and disconnected.

The analog pathway inside the Mac is not a second class citizen. This is me shooting a broadcast radio production with that connection in my Macbook Pro.