USB Microphone Distortion

I have a Shure PG58 Dynamic Microphone plugged into a AGPtek CM2-1 3M Microphone USB Mic Link Cable USB Male to XLR Female cable that goes directly into my Macbook Pro. When recording, I noticed that not only is my voice distorted, but some words are also repeated in Audacity. I would love for someone to help me out with this dilemma. Thank you!

Do you have SoundFlower installed?

Are you using headphones? You can’t leave your speakers running when you’re using a live microphone. That will cause feedback and because of the computer delay, repeating echoes.


I do not have what you mentioned. This USB connector said that all I needed to do was plug-and-go. Also, I am using headphones, and the distortion/repeated words are still occurring.

What sample rate are you recording at? See bottom left of Audacity.

Is the distortion because you are recording too loud (do you see the red clipping indicators in Meter Toolbar when you record)? Macs cannot normally regulate input level of USB devices.

Are you recording while playing back other tracks? Are you recording at the end of existing tracks (SHIFT - click on the Record button)?