USB mic picks up voices but nothing else

USB mic picks up voices but nothing else. I turned off sound enhancements in settings but that didn’t do anything.

What else are you trying to record?

…If you are playing a guitar and singing (or talking) at the same time, the soundwaves are mixed together in the air and there’s no easy way to separate them and just record your voice.

I’m just trying to record from Blue Yeti mic plugged into USB port. Just have mic set in center of room and record sounds from room itself. Nothing sophisticated at all. A youtube clip said turn off sound enhancements in Windows 11 control panel. I did that but still the same. Tried diff. mic, same problem. Mic records voice but no sounds.

I’m not trying to record several things at once. I’ll talk, it’ll pick it up. I’ll clap, it won’t pick it up. I’ll whistle, it won’t pick it up. I’ll talk again, it’ll pick it up. One sound at a time, only picks up voice.

There can be a second layer of sound enhancements, sometimes called MaxxAudio.
Recording enhancements are capable of blocking clicks, claps & whistles, while permitting speech.

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