USB Mic Hiss, could anyone help me figure out how to fix it?


I recently bought an AT2020 USB Mic, and have this annoying background white noise/hiss. I’m unsure what to do. No matter how quiet the house gets, it’s always there. It’s a very quiet noise though. This is a short clip of what I mean. Personally I think it’s just due to the USB connection, but I’m unsure how to fix that. I also am using my onboard motherboard (sabertooth x79). If you believe it’s due to the sound card, could you recommend me a sound card to get?

Also: this is how my mic is currently placed. It’s on a desk mount, so doesn’t that eliminate it vibrating because of the desk?

I know how to get rid of the problem via: software, but I’d prefer to just get it out of the way from the source as I plan on livestreaming.


All microphones produce a bit of noise. The “absolute” amount of noise is irrelevant. The important thing is how much noise is there in relation to the audio signal - that is, the “signal to noise ratio” (SNR). If the audio signal is hugely greater than the amount of noise, then that is good because the noise will be inaudible (or very nearly so) in actual recordings. For us to gauge if the noise level is reasonable (for a $100 USB mic), we would need to hear a recording in WAV format that includes periods of “silence” (noise only) and periods of recorded speech (assuming that you are using it for speech recording).

Mono WAV files up to about 12 seconds (44100 Hz, 16 bit) may be attached directly to forum posts. See here for details:

USB microphones bypass the computer sound card when recording. The sound card may contribute a little noise on playback.

Depending on how much vibration, it may not eliminate it completely, but I would expect it to substantially reduce vibration from the desk.

That’ll be fun :slight_smile: Live-streaming is a lot harder than most people expect. High quality Podcasts that “sound” like they were recorded live are often not live, but scripted and edited to sound as if they are.

Here it is! Let me know if I’m just being silly. I think it’s audible, even while I speak personally.

I couldnt upload it to this website due to size limit.

Another thing a lot of people are also saying it sounds quiet and muffled.