USB mic cannot record, getting a flatline

I’m using Win7 64-bit SP1. I’ve gone through all the steps as listed here, but they didn’t help, nor did installing Audacity 2.0.3 (from the .exe installer) and trying the same steps again.

For equipment, I’m using a Shure SM57 along with the ART Xconnect cable, and the computer is a Dell Inspiron 580s, if that makes any difference.

The monitor clearly shows that the mic is receiving input, the USB cable’s green light is on, but all I get is the flatline. I’ve uninstalled both Skype and Dragon Naturally Speaking in the event they might be causing interference of some kind. Any suggestions?

The monitor clearly shows that the mic is receiving input

What does that mean? Neither the cable nor the microphone has a monitor.

Do you have a “USB Audio Device” selected in Audacity Preferences > Devices > Input?

The interface is a little bit of an odd duck because of its settings.

Change Audacity Preferences > Devices > Recording and Quality to 16-bit (not 32-floating), 48000 (not 44100) and Mono (not Stereo). See if that helps. Make sure you launch Audacity several seconds after you plug the cable in.

The mic monitor window in Audacity? That monitor.

Yeah, USB Audio Device was selected - it actually reads, in full, “MIcrophone (3- USB PnP Sound Device)” - but it’s always been selected as that.

Done, and done, and done, and no change in response.