usb issues windows 7 and 10

Im having issues recording with usb mixers...first of all ive been using Audacity for a long time with a cheap laptop..Windows 7..Audacity 2.1.3...Alesis 4 channel mixer..the mixer is old but it works however recently there is background noise which I attribute to the age of my system..I recently bought a high end computer and a better mixer as I have to be able to record and burn CDs for my music career..the computer has been the shop that built it for 10 days and they cant get it to work..went from Windows 10 back to 7 still nothing..Ive been thru 4 mixers and 2 mics trying to get this to work…the computer recognizes the mixer but no signal…the techs, who I believe are competent, are stumped…is there any anything we can do? Thanks

Are you getting an analog signal out of the mixer? If you’re not getting an analog signal, what microphones are you using? If you are getting an analog signal we don’t have to worry about the mics. (i.e. You can’t use a computer microphone with a mixer.)

What mixer is it?

Did you select the USB device as your [u]Recording Device[/u]? (Plug-in the USB before starting Audacity.)

Is your new computer a laptop or desktop/tower. A desktop/tower will have line-inputs which you can connect to the mixer’s analog line-outputs. (You shouldn’t have to do that but it might be a work-around.)

techs, who I believe are competent, are stumped…is there any anything we can do?

Did somebody try a regular USB soundcard or a USB microphone? (You wouldn’t want to use a USB soundcard for high-quality recording but it might help isolate the problem.)

quote]Audacity 2.1.3[/quote]Most-likely unrelated to your problem but the current version is 2.2.2.

Sorry it took so long to get back to you…Ive spent a lot of time trying to fix this..the techs where I bought this are blowing me off as Im getting a minimal signal at this point and they dont want to deal with it...I finally took the computer to Best Buy where they are reinstalling windows 10..Im using a Shure SM-57 as well as a Sterling ST155 w/phantom power…Ive upgraded to Audacity 2.2.2 Analog signal works great..always has..Audacity recognizes my mixer..the new computer is a desktop with tower..there are 1/8`` jacks on it..Im assuming I need some kind of adaptor to plug into it…not sure what you mean regarding the USB sound card but the new computer is a high end gaming machine with all the bells and whistles if that tells you anything.
As stated the new computer is in the shop…Im currently on my old Asus 7 .. 64 bit SP-1...Ive recorded on this computer for years…all at once its doing the same thing as the new computer is…Ive gone thu 4 mixers trying to fix this including my reliable Alesis 4 channel which Ive never had an issue with…I just dont believe its a mixer I have to turn the gain controls all the way up to get a signal which is obviously distorted. Ill try to keep further posts brief as I know you all prefer that…I need to get demos recorded and I can`t afford studio time…thanks

anyone ?