USB interface mixer Connecting and using

Hi I am new MX Linux and as you will tell my knowledge of Linux is sketchy. I loaded Audacity from synaptic package manager.The audacity version is 2.3.2 I have used Audacity quite a bit with Windows with the same mixer and no problems.

I have connected my Yamaha MG10XU which has a USB interface to my PC The program seems to record but I can not hear anything on playback. I have tried Transport - Rescan Audio Devices to no avail When I try to play back a track I get an error message “error opening sound device Try changing audio host playback device and the project sample rate”

When I attempt to change the host the drop down offers several options for my MG10XU but when I attempt to apply any of these the host box remains stubbornly ALSA Indeed non of the other drop down options change the ALSA in the box When I attempt to change the play back device although there is an option for the mixer it wont select.

Help please I am attempting to record and mix three tracks Backing track Keyboards Vocals

In the Device Toolbar the “host” should normally be “ALSA”. Other options will appear if other sound systems are available, but usually “ALSA” is the only option.

What devices (Recording and Playback) do you have selected in the Device Toolbar?