usb input

I downloaded Audacity to move some vinyl records over to digital. I bought a USB device a few years back, called “Easier CAP” that I used to digitize some VHS tapes I have. I figured I would plug it in and use the red/white RCA inputs, and go from there. Windows 10 recognizes the device, but I can’t choose it as the input from Audacity’s pull down menus. Anyone have a tip on making this work?



That device most-likely sends compressed audio/video data over the USB bus so you’ll probably have to use the software that came with it. And, it will probably create an audio/video file (with blank video).

The audio/video file created with the special capture software will be in a compressed format, so it may not be the best quality and you’ll probably need the optional FFmpeg Import/Export library to decompress & open the audio in Audacity.

I assume you have a turntable with a line-output, or a stereo system with “tape-out”? (The signal from a phono cartridge requires a preamp.)

…Reduced quality may not be a big problem. The major quality limitation is usually the vinyl record itself. But, it’s usually best to work in a lossless format. Then if you want an MP3 or other compressed format, compress once as the last step.