USB Illustration

I posted a new illustration of USB-A.

This goes with: “Is your turntable plugged into your computer with one of these?”

I know I should be able to find one of these on a Google Search, but I can’t. Their illustration is always part of a much larger exhaustive explanation of USB, or too tiny to accurately see, or in some other way confusing or not useful.

It’s a sunny day. Where’s my camera?


I never realised they were as big as that :astonished:

Don’t tease me to put my 150mm 1:1 macro lens on my camera and show you how big it can look! :stuck_out_tongue:

I realized later that it would have been better to photograph the white one instead of the black and to put a penny or pencil in to gauge size. Then I reconsidered and thought about putting a tiny car and trees in instead.



That would be the new peta-bit USB? A little awkward to use, but powerful fast.


Here. Is that better?


He he - you’ve got a giant Mac laptop also? :smiley:

In movie land that’s an ECU, Extreme Close Up. I forgot to put the label in.


That’s the special-order, three story tall, MacBook Pro. There’s a four car garage just out of frame.