USB Device Not Recognized

I have an ezcap USB Cassette Capture device, which I am trying to get to work on a Dell Inspiron with XP. The device is not recognised and therefore I can not set it up in the preferences section of the audacity software

Can Windows see it?

Start > Control Panels > Sounds and Devices > Hardware.

If the device isn’t there, then nobody can see it. Audacity depends on Windows services working.

Try another USB connection or maybe another cable. Unplug and replug several times. Does the computer “bong” when you plug it in?


It is listed in the device window, but as an unrecognized device. Plugging in and out doesn’t resolve the issue

Did the player come with an install CD? Did you buy it new? I can’t believe anything as simple as a cassette player is not recognized, but there it is. You might be able to go on-line and get device drivers for your computer so Windows knows that it is. Until Windows knows what’s going on, Audacity is helpless.

Do you keep your Windows up to date? If you never update Windows, the software may be so old that the computer doesn’t recognize modern equipment.