USB device (Lenco L78 turnable) not recognized

HEllo Folks,

My Lenco Tunable is not recognized by Audacity and even not by my computer, i’ve tried on Windows 7 32 bits and on Windows 10 64 bits (“usb device not recognized”). For a couple of days, I 've tried in vain to find a driver or finding a solution to fix it. But nothing. If somebody could help i’ll be very gratefull. Thanx in advance. Best regards

If the device is not recognised by the operating system then it will be impossible for Audacity to see it because Audacity uses the computer’s sound system.

USB turntables usually use standard USB audio drivers, so it’s unlikely to be a driver problem.

Check the USB lead carefully, and ensure that it is securely plugged in at both ends. Ensure that the lead is not pulled taught but has at least a little slack. Try plugging it into a different USB socket on the computer.

If still no joy, try plugging into another computer to see if it is recognised. If that fails then either the turntable or the USB lead are probably faulty.

Google implies that an ‘L78’ is an older analog turntable… I couldn’t find anything about a USB version.

If your turntable has line-level analog outputs you can plug it into line-in on a regular soundcard (desktop or tower computer). Most USB turntables have line-level outputs, sometimes switchable between the direct phono-cartridge and preamp-out. (Most laptops have only mic-in and headphone-out and mic-in won’t work properly with a line level signal, or with a phono-cartridge connection.)

Or, if the analog works and you want to use it with a laptop you can get a USB audio interface with line or phono inputs. (You can also get an interface with a built-in phono preamp.)

But if the turntable is new and the USB doesn’t work, I’d return it. :wink:

If you want to buy a new USB turntable [u][/u] has lots of reviews and recommendations. (Knowzy doesn’t like Audacity, but the important thing is that your choice of recording software does not affect sound quality, as long as it’s working correctly. The recording software simply “captures” the digital audio stream and sends it to the hard drive.)