USB Connection

Hi all

I am new to Audacity. I am not very good in translating manuals. Also, get confused when the finding of a direction on the control panels cannot be found.

Rec’d an earlier version of Audacity and could not activate it. Downloaded current version ( along with a Virus ).

Connecting Turntable to computer with USB connection.

Had many troubles but now I cannot get the computer to read the turntable device, All I get is Static.

Could someone out there advise me the steps in a non nerd fashion so that I can get sound please?


Audacity is free-of-charge, virus-malware free and does not require “activation”. You may have downloaded another pay-for Audio editing program by mistake, or one which is pretending to be Audacity but has strings attached.

Only download Audacity from this source …
Otherwise you could get a version which has been tampered with (malware added).