USB cassette Capture Device option

I have a USB cassette Capture device which I bought some time ago and which came with a small cassette marked Installation CD. I downloaded Audacity and followed the instructions to change a setting in preferences/device to “USB PnP Audio Device”. everything worked OK.
Yesterday I tried to use it again after probable a year or more of non-use. I updated to Audacity 2.4.2 but there in no no option for USB PnP audio device in preference/device. I have tried uninstalling Audacity, reinstalling from the ol cassette, and also uninstalling and then re-installing from the internet but there is still no such option. What is the solution please.
Many thanks
Hugh Lawson

Ensure that the device is connected before you launch Audacity. Look in the Windows Sound control panel and ensure that the device is enabled, then (and only then), launch Audacity. The USB device should then be listed in the Device Toolbar.

Many thanks for that. Have tried it and it still doesnt work. All the right instructions arein the right place in the properties section so I have to conclude that it’s the tape machine itself thats gone faulty. Many thanks though for helping.
Best wishes

Maybe you could try uninstalling the device through the device manager.

Right click in “PC” → management:
Then the PC manager will open. Click in devices manager:
You will see a list of installed devices. Ensure that there is no a “wrong device”, it will appear with a particular icon.
Uninstall all wrong devices and you may also uninstall the USB-cassette capture device to install it again.
If you don’t uninstall anything else, it is a harmless process, so you could try and try till getting any result.